Preservation of fertility

Some medical anti-cancer treatments (repeated surgery on the ovaries, chemotherapy or pelvic radiotherapy) may have an impact on the fertility of men and women.

Pregnancy is possible after anti-cancer treatment. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, we advise you to discuss any desire for pregnancy with the team looking after you as soon as possible.

Cancer and fertility network for French-speaking Switzerland

Our team is part of the cancer and fertility network for French-speaking Switzerland. Founded in 2006, it brings together doctors from several disciplines (oncologists, onco-gynaecologists, specialists in reproductive medicine, radiotherapists) so that patients quickly receive detailed information and benefit from the best treatments currently known.

It offers various solutions for the preservation of fertility:

  • for men, freezing of sperm or testicular tissue
  • for women, freezing of egg cells, fertilised eggs, fragments of ovarian tissue or even a combination of these possibilities.
  • freezing of ovarian tissue in girls (as part of a research project).
  • freezing of testicular pulp in boys (as part of a research project).

Our team can see you very quickly (24-48 hours) for the first contact.


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