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Imagerie en procréation médicalement assistée (Imaging in medically assisted reproduction),by Marie-Pierre Primi, Marc Germond and Alfred Senn. Production CEMCAV-CHUV, 2005.

Thanks to clinical practice and laboratory technology, this film is able to show extraordinary aspects of life before birth.

Today, hundreds of thousands of children have been born into the world as a result of in vitro fertilisation treatment. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated techniques, many phases of human reproduction occurring inside the body during natural fertilisation can be observed. The apparatus used in medically assisted reproduction allows us to examine and record the maturation of follicles, the quality and behaviour of egg cells and spermatozoids, insemination and in vitro fertilisation, the formation of zygotes and the development of embryos up to their placement in the uterus.

Best film prize, Cannes, 2005- 4th Meeting of the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine 10 best films prize, Paris, 2005 - Entretiens de Bichat (symposium)

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