First consultation

First consultation in the Reproductive Medicine Unit

It is advisable for both partners to be present at the first consultation in the RMU, even if the fertility problem seems to lie with one partner only.

A number of tests are then performed under the responsibility of the family doctor or a doctor in our unit.

At your second appointment, we will talk to you about the diagnosis and the proposed treatment.

When should I ask for a consultation if I cannot get pregnant?

Do you know that there is only a 20 to 30% chance, per natural cycle, of becoming pregnant?

Trying for a baby during regular unprotected intercourse for a year is therefore entirely normal, even if it does seem a long time. If pregnancy does not occur within this period of time, we then use the term'infertility'. For a woman aged 36, it is advisable to ask for a consultation after six months of unsuccessful attempts.

However, there may well be factors why you should contact us before then. For example, in the case of a woman who has had a Fallopian tube infection or who has irregular periods.

Although medically assisted reproduction (MAR) increases your chances of conceiving a baby, it cannot do better than nature. This means that several treatment cycles are often necessary to achieve the pregnancy you want so much.


If you agree, you can decide to take part in research projects aimed at gaining a better understanding of the origins of infertility, particularly in men, in order to improve the available treatments.

Research activities


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