The Reproductive Medicine Unit (RMU) at the CHUV benefits from extensive experience, having been created in 1984.

It was set up at the instigation of Dr Marc Germond, who started working in medically assisted reproduction (MAR) in 1984 and formed a team of specialists in the treatment of infertility. Under his direction, the unit obtained the first accreditation of its laboratory in 2001 and its first certification in 2003.

Quality Assurance

In 2005, Prof. Dominique de Ziegler took over the management of the unit. Thanks to his extensive international experience, he developed the work of the RMU by updating the treatment protocols for patients and intensifying research in the field of infertility. Prof. de Ziegler developed a close cooperation with the Geneva University Hospitals and other centres outside the CHUV, with the creation of the assisted reproduction network for French-speaking Switzerland He also set up a working group, the cancer and fertility network for French-speaking Switzerland, bringing together gynaecologists, oncologists and specialists in fertility, with the aim of helping cancer patients to preserve their fertility.

In 2018, the RMU developed further and became the "Fertility Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology unit".

Since 2021, the fertility medicine has been under the medical responsibility of Dr. Anna Surbone.

So far, more than 5,000 babies have been born thanks to our support.

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