Amandine Mathias

Amandine Mathias, Ph.D.
Research Associate (Chargée de recherche)

Research Associate (Chargée de recherche)
Laboratory of neuroimmunology, Research Center of clinical neurosciences, Department of clinical neurosciences; and Service of Immunology and Allergy, CHUV, Lausanne

Post-doctoral Fellow, Division of Immunology and Allergy, CHUV, Lausanne.

PhD entitled "Secretory IgA and intestinal epithelial cells at the interface between homeostasis regulation and protection against infection"
R&D laboratory, Division of Immunology and Allergy, CHUV, Lausanne.

AgroParisTech Engineer Master in Sciences for Biological Industries
Engineer School Master thesis entitled: Inflammatory responses induced after interaction between Toll like receptors and bacterial toxins.
Research Laboratory Pierre FABRE, Toulouse, France.

Diploma work entitled: Comparative genomics of wheat and barley powdery mildew fungi.
John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.

Internship work entitled: Construction of a library of Erwinia amylovora mutants and enrichment in mutant of interest.
INRA, Paris, France.

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