Our platforms for research

The technical platforms

The clinical immuno-monitoring platform (CyTOF mass cytometry and flow cytometry) allows the comprehensive and in-depth analysis of patient samples. These technologies have different advantages that combine to provide the profiling necessary to support the development of new diagnostic tests and clinical trials, as well as transplant center activities and basic, clinical and translational research...

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Center for Immunotherapy and Vaccinology

The Vaccine and Immunotherapy Centre (VIC) was created in 2001 by Professor Giuseppe Pantaleo, Head of the division of Immunology and Allergy of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV).

The VIC is a clinical and laboratory research platform specialized in vaccinology, clinical research, immune-monitoring and translational immunology...

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The immune-monitoring platform, developed by Dr. Craig Fenwick, has as its principal goals to identify the immunological profiles associated with different infectious agents, disease states, cancers, and induced by registered and experimental vaccines. Profiling consists of phenotypic identification, characterization of cellular activation states, cell fate evaluation, functionality, phosphosignaling and transcriptomic characterization of immune cells and tissues...

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