Immunotherapy and biomarkers for immuno-oncology

Michel Obeid

Prof. Michel Obeid

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Alessandra NOTO

PhD, Senior Scientist

Victor JOOPhD, Senior Scientist
Federica MARTINAPhD, Biostatistician


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Robin BARTOLINIPost-doc

Research Focus

Our laboratory’s primary interest lies in unraveling the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of immunotoxicities with a focus on the discovery of new biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy, novel therapeutic targets for refractory irAEs, and immuno-modulation strategies to improve current therapies and develop the next generation cancer immunotherapies. Among the most challenging questions in identifying novel biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy is the characterization of the different immunological and physiological factors modulating irAEs and responses to cancer immunotherapy. Work in the Obeid lab takes advantage of the latest technology and leverages multi-omic methods including CyTOF and single-cell profiling of immune cells and in collaboration with clinicians and scientists across the Lausanne biomedical network.

I believe that the main objective of work in my lab is to provide a deep dissection of the immune system to conceive the next generation of immunotherapies in order to make cancer immunotherapy safer and more effective.

Current projects Covers

Our lab has several highly integrated human immunology projects:

  • Decoding the pathogenesis of immunotoxicities
  • Identification of new biomarkers for cancer immunotherapies (immune checkpoints inhibitors and CAR-T cell therapies)
  • Developing new generation of immune checkpoints inhibitors (ICIs)
  • Developing new immuno-modulation strategies to prevent and optimize the treatment of immune-related adverse events induced by CAR-T cell therapy and ICIs

Selected Publications

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