Flow cytometry

The flow cytometry analysis facility at the Division of Immunology and Allergy (IAL, Departments of Laboratories and Medicine) conforms to ISO/CEI 17025 standards and is accredited for diagnostic purposes. These services are widely used for patients in need of immune-monitoring for conditions such as viral infection, immunodeficiency, cancer, HLA typing and transplantation. Through the use of validated panels of fluorochrome conjugated antibodies, multi-parametric analysis up to eighteen different biological targets can be quantitatively analyzed to evaluate phenotypic and functional aspects of the immune response at the single cell level.

Flow cytometry has the additional advantage of being able to use multiparametric analysis to sort live cells in a sterile environment, which allows for culturing and further characterization of discrete immune related populations. Numerous reagents are available and immune profiling is established for many different diseases.


- phenotypic and functional analysis of living cells up to 18 parameters

- diagnostic capabilities applicable to many types of diseases

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