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Matthieu Perreau

Prof. Matthieu Perreau

Biologiste, Expert FAMH
+41 21 314 5579
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Research Focus

My laboratory focuses primarily on the immuno-virological mechanisms associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pathogenesis and viral persistence.

The hallmark of untreated HIV infection is a gradual loss of CD4 T cells, with progressive impairment of the immune system that ultimately leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). In this context, one of our goals is to study the immuno-virological mechanisms associated with T-cell functional impairment.

While combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) suppresses HIV-1 replication, reduces mortality and morbidity as well as viral transmission, cART does not cure HIV infection. Consequently, HIV-infected individuals interrupting therapy invariably experience viral rebound, demonstrating that HIV persists despite ART. Therefore, one of one of our goals is to study the immuno-virological mechanisms associated with HIV persistence.

Current projects Covers

  1. Qualitative and quantitative characterization of HIV-infected cells in blood and lymph node tissues of HIV-infected individuals.
  2. Identification and characterization of host molecules incorporated within HIV virions and their potential implications on HIV pathogenesis.
  3. Exploration of the immuno-virological parameters associated with the control of HIV replication within HIV controllers.

To address these goals, we apply a multidisciplinary approach that combines the use of most modern molecular virology, immunology, and single cell transcriptomic tools.

Selected Publications

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