Immunopathology of AIDS and anti-viral immunity

Giuseppe Pantaleo

Prof. Giuseppe Pantaleo

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1) immunopathogenesis is a complex and dynamic process involving both immunological and virological mechanisms. The functional impairment of HIV-specific T cells, the difficulty in generating broadly neutralizing antibodies (BnAbs) by HIV-specific B cells, as well as the ability of the virus to establish a viral reservoir capable of remaining invisible to the immune system contribute to the persistence of the virus despite the pressure exerted by the immune system. In this context, my laboratory focuses on the identification and the characterization of the HIV reservoirs, the identification of the causes of the functional impairment, the identification and the characterization BnAbs from people living with HIV-1 (PLWH).   

BnAbs are rare antibodies only produced by a minority (<15%) of PLWH and are usually developed after several months or years of infection. These antibodies can efficiently neutralize multiple strains of HIV-1 and therefore represent one of the pillars of the currently explored strategies to achieve a cure.

Finally, as part of the Swiss vaccine research institute (SVRI), the HIV Vaccine Trial Network (HVTN) and the European Vaccine Program, my laboratory is also involved in the design and the evaluation of novel prophylactic or therapeutic HIV vaccine candidates.

Current projects Covers

  1. Identification and characterization of the HIV reservoirs
  2. Identification of the causes of the functional impairment associated with HIV replication
  3. Identification and characterization BnAbs from PLWH
  4. Evaluation prophylactic or therapeutic HIV vaccine candidates

To address these goals, we apply a multidisciplinary approach that combines the use of most modern molecular virology, immunology, and single cell transcriptomic approaches.


Selected Publications

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