Facilities & digital platforms

NeuroTech & Equipments

NeuroTech is equipped with wide range of technologies able to interface the body and the brain for measuring (neuroimaging), aiding (neuroprosthetics) and promote brain recoveries and brain stimulations. 

Data sharing Platforms

NeuroDigital spearheads two GDPR-compliant data sharing platforms: the Medical Informatics Platform (MIP) and the Human Intracerebral EEG platform (HIP). MIP allows health centers to federate datasets without moving them, aiding research in dementia, epilepsy, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. HIP provides a secure environment for epilepsy centers to share iEEG data and access advanced tools.

Virtual Reality and Serious Games

This lab is dedicated to the development, the initial testing and full-scale scientific validation of software-based solutions for the evaluation and training of cognitive and physical function using gamified approaches and virtual reality. It contains high-end computers with various models and head-mounted displays, with motion capture systems and eye-tracking capabilities, and wearable devices for monitoring wirelessly physiological parameters.


This lab hosts two spacious experimental cabins for conducting under strictly controlled and repeatable conditions psychophysical and neuroimaging experiments.


This lab is dedicated to the development and preliminary testing with patients robotic devices for the rehabilitation of both motor and sensory (Metaphysiks) functions, for the upper and the lower limbs.

Sensors - Movements analysis

Movements analysis lab contains equipment for rigorously measuring and analyzing basic and advanced gait parameters including Vicon optical tracking, ground-based force plates and wireless Cometa electromyographic and inertial sensors.


This lab regroups equipment to study the neural mechanisms and plasticity of the brain by means of non-invasive neurostimulation and neuroimaging techniques. It hosts a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device with single-pulse, double-pulse and repetitive pulse stimulation capabilities, coupled and synchronized to a 128-channel electroencephalogram (EEG) for non-invasive recordings with high temporal resolution.

Therapy Platforms

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