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A new Model of Digital Neurorehabilitation along the Continuum of Care

The SwissNeurorehab (https://www.swissneurorehab.ch/) is a 5-year research project financed by Innosuisse and whose aim is to propose a new model of digital neurorehabilitation along the continuum of care in Switzerland. The features of this model include increased personalization and dosage through digital therapeutics and technologies, efficiency in terms of clinical outcomes and economic cost-effectiveness spanning over the whole continuum of care (from hospital to home, included). The project, led by the CHUV, involves over 30 Swiss partners from national research institutes, university hospitals and industry, with a total budget of 11.2M CHF.


Experts & Collaborators

Internal collaborators

  • Andrea Serino
  • Arseny Sokolov
  • Traian Popa
  • Manuel Salazar
  • Bettina Holzer
  • Miriam Milazzo
  • Petr Grivaz
  • Stefano Carda
  • Pauline Ducouret

External collaborators

  • Daniel Perez Marcos (MindMaze SA)
  • Adrian Guggisberg (Inselspital)
  • Simon Waelli (UNIGE)
  • Pierrette Chenevard (Espace Compétences)
  • Meret Brandcheidt (USZ)
  • Chris Awai (Cereneo)
  • Jens Bansi (Kliniken Valens)
  • Roman Gonzenbach (Kliniken Valens)
  • Franziska Riegel (Kliniken Valens)
  • Michela Bassolino (HES-SO Valais-Wallis)
  • Jaime Duarte (Myoswiss)
  • Michael Gerfin (UNIBE)
  • Olivier Lambercy (ETHZ Relab)
  • Serena Maggioni (Hocoma SA)
  • Joaquim Marti (Unisanté)
  • Tobias Nef (UNIBE)
  • Nicolas Perret (Swiss Rehabilitation)
  • Pierre-André Rapin (Hôpital Lavigny)
  • Gianni Rossi (SUVA)
  • Michael Schumacher (HES-SO Valais-Wallis)
  • David Issom (HES-SO Valais-Wallis)
  • Oliver Stoller (ETHZ Resc)
  • Simon Waelli (UNIGE)
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