GnRH pump

Restoration of ovulation

In some situations, the use of the GnRH pump allows the restoration of ovulation and thus the chances of spontaneous pregnancy in patients who no longer have a menstrual cycle.

The production of eggs by the ovaries occurs under stimulation from structures located in the brain, hypothalamus and pituitary gland. For ovulation to occur, these structures must function well and, especially, be perfectly coordinated.

In some patients, the absence of periods, and thus of ovulation, is caused by dysfunction of the hypothalamus, the orchestrator of the whole process. GnRH, which is produced by the hypothalamus and is the leading actor in the ovulation chain, is then no longer secreted. Use of the GnRH pump bypasses this deficiency and restarts the cycle. On the other hand, its success requires normal functioning of the other actors involved in conception.

The pump is a device that is inserted under the skin or into a vein, which delivers GnRH in pulses at a defined frequency and quantity with the aim of inducing ovulation. The efficacy of the treatment will be evaluated by repeated ultrasound scans and you will therefore be advised to have sex regularly.

The success of the treatment will be evaluated by a simple urine pregnancy test.

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