Testimony of the Loup family

"In vitro fertilisation is a boost to nature"

Anne-Françoise and Philippe Loup pinned their hopes on in vitro fertilisation in 2010. Today they are the happy parents of two healthy children and hope to serve as an example. Testimony

"I forever thank the doctor who convinced me to try in vitro fertilisation with my wife," says Philippe Loup at the outset. The 55-year old father is now at ease. He lives in Neuchâtel with Anne-Françoise, aged 44 years, his second wife, and their two children born with two attempts at in vitro fertilisation (IVF) undertaken in 2011 and 2015.

Because he has a sperm problem, IVF treatment proved to be a good solution. In 2010, Anne-Françoise and Philippe Loup embarked on a first round of IVF together. The first steps took place in the Reproductive Medicine Unit (RMU). He provided samples to the laboratory (ARBL) and, during the treatment, Anne-Françoise had her check-ups and blood samples at the Nyon Hospital, close to her place of work.

Feeling confident

"We received excellent support," says Anne-Françoise Loup. "The professionals we encountered never spoke too positively or negatively, and explanations were given at every step, so I always felt confident." After three attempts at transfer, Aurélien was born in March 2011. The couple then had Simon in early 2015. "When we came back to the CHUV with our two children, we felt that the entire medical team was proud and happy that all had gone well, because it's a success for them too when in vitro fertilisation works well!"

Anne-Françoise Loup, a trained occupational therapist, underlines the importance of the attention that she and her husband and family received throughout what could seem a prolonged process (two to three months in all). She also recalls some tricky memories of the process, for which the support and understanding of her family and friends were essential: "During these treatments, the intravaginal gynaecological check-ups and the need to have several injections to help with ovarian stimulation are very difficult moments psychologically."

The young mother is, however, glad to see that the in vitro fertilisation process is today becoming more and more like a natural pregnancy. "During my last IVF, I learned that I was no longer obliged to lie down to rest for 30 minutes after the embryo transfer but could resume my activities immediately. IVF, which is sometimes still seen as very technical, is simply, for us, a boost to nature."

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