Policy, Services and Access Guidelines


Neuroscientists from other institutions may contact the facility manager, or another principal investigator of the CNP, to discuss, submit or ask to establish a potential animal model of neurological/psychiatric disease.
Upon discussion with the facility manager, a client” investigator can be proposed one of the following agreements :

One of the members of the Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences becomes scientific partner, by designing and supervising experiments, that will be realised by one or more members of one or both partner groups. A collaboration agreement implies coauthorship in publications. A fee applies only for animal housing.

The client researcher experienced with the model and the equipments can, depending on availability of infrastructures and equipments, run experiments on his own, upon an introductory training to the equipment. A modest financial charge will be applied, albeit only for the location of the equipments and/or for the training of technicians/ graduate students executing the tests.

The « client » researcher delegates design and/or execution of the study to the Facility Manager, who will prepare a study plan, a cost estimate, and provide final results in form of a thorough statistical analysis. Different fees apply for this service, depending on the equipments and the manpower required; please contact the facility manager to obtain an indicative pricelist and/or a quotation.

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