Obstetric Research Lab

Finding new ways to improve both maternal and fetal outcomes during childbirth

The Obstetric Research Lab, directed by Dr David Desseauve, is dedicated to the improvement of maternal health and quality of care during childbirth. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced investigators in obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, biomechanics and signal processing  analysis (Swiss BioMotion Lab, EPFL, Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Epidemiology and System Analysis, and Lausanne Perinatal Research Group) . This innovative collaboration is the first research group in obstetrical biomechanics in Switzerland.

Currently, several clinical and basic research projects are conducted within the group ranging across a broad range of topics, such as optimization of childbirth position, prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, safety of breech delivery, and complications of labor induction. 

Recently, the group received the support of the Leenaards Foundation to promote modeling maternal and fetal parameters prior and during labor, using biomedical imaging and technical evaluations inspired by human movement sciences, to pioneer an optimal birthing posture.

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