Anna Cariboni, PhD


University of Milan, Italy and University College, London, United Kinddom




Basic Scientist

Research Interests

Dr Anna Cariboni is a basic scientist focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing the migration/survival of GnRH neurons. She is applying genetically modified mouse lines and cellular models to discover novel genes implicated in the development of GnRH neurons and their axonal substrates to understand the aetiopathogenesis of the idiopathic forms of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Her research projects include: 1) studying the role of semaphorin signalling in the development of GnRH and olfactory systems; 2) studying the role of Robo signalling in the GnRH neuron migration 3) identifying novel genetic pathways underlying HH by using gene expression approaches on primary GnRH neurons. Dr Cariboni's work delineating the molecular basis of GnRH neuron development has been published in leading international scientific journals.


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