Paola DeFilippi, PhD


University of Torino, Molecular Biotechnology Center, Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences, Torino, Italy


Professor of Cell Biology


Basic Scientist

Research Interests

The main interest of Dr. Defilippi's laboratory is to investigate how cell signalling originating from cell-extracellular matrix adhesion controls cell growth and migration in normal and transformed cells. Our current research is focused on the following points: 1) the cross-talk between beta1 integrin and the EGF receptor, 2) the role of the adaptor protein p130Cas in development and tumorigenesis, and 3) the role of the adaptor protein p140Cap in neurons and cancer cells.

Related to this COST Action: Using KO mice, we have identified the adaptor protein p140Cap as a new player regulating GnRH neuron function and the establishment of a correct reproductive axis.


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