Ira Ronit Hebold Haraldsen, MD, PhD


Department of Neuropsychiatry at the Oslo University Hospital, Norway


Chief at the Gender Identity Clinic and Head of the Neuroendocrine Research Group OPTimist


Clinician, Clincial Investigator

Research Interests

Ira Hebold Haraldsen is a translational researcher focusing on the neuroendocrine control of brain development and cognitive functions in different species. Her investigative approach is collaborative and interdisciplinary, spanning the fields of human neuroendocrinology and neuropsychology, molecular biology, and PET tracer development. Her research projects include: 1) elucidating the sex specific impact on neuronal organization, and 2) visualization of psychoneuroendocrine transmitters in the brain. Ira Hebold Haraldsen's innovative work has led to several patent applications and new possibilities of visualization of neuroendocrine molecules´ impact on brain development and –degeneration.

Clinical Expertise

Her clinical practice covers the broad spectrum of neurology, psychiatry and neurendocrinology, including all classical neuropsychiatric disorders. She is an expert on clinical neurobiology.


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