Third Training School Prato Italy

Third Annual Training School: Prato, Italy April 27-29

The 2014 Program of COST Action BM1105 was organized by Iain Clarke (Australia), Vincent Prévot (France), and Nelly Pitteloud (Switzerland).


This joint Scientific Meeting and Training School is intended to give to young scientists interested in GnRH biology, neuroendocrinology, and reproduction the opportunity to interact with renowned scientists and leaders in the field.

Training School Program

Training School Awardees


Overall student rating: 4.8 out of 5

“The multidiscipliarity was really beneficial”

"I liked most the Interaction with respected researchers and the excellent plenary lectures”

“There were so many things I needed to hear. Also, I talked with other colleagues who are working on the same fileds which helped me get useful ideas - Thanks!“

“The best aspect of the meeting was the presentations given by some of the top researchers in the field”

“I appreciated getting updated knowledge about the central control of gonadotropic axis, the questions to be adressed in the field and the patient´s point of view”

Congratulations to the organizers and a very special thanks to Mandy Curd for a super job!

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