MERLO Giorgio

 Giorgio Merlo


Department of Molecular Biotechnology & Health Science, University of Torino


Basic Scientist

Research Interests

Since several years I work with animal models of olfactory/GnRH disturbancies, both using the mouse and (more recently) the Zebrafish model. Currently we are exploring the function of newly identified genes, derived from profiling screens and from bio-informatic predictions, on the development of the olfactory axonal pathway and the migration of GnRH neurons, in the zebrafish embryo. I have several interactions with other scientists participating in this COST action (Dr. Paolo Giacobini, at INSERM-Lille, Dr. Taneli Raivio, Finland, Drs. Luca Persani/Marco Bonomi, at Auxologic Inst. in Milano) on subjects ranging from experimental strategies, diagnosis of Kallmann and HH patients, improving therapy protocols.


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