DE ROUX Nicolas

 Nicolas De Roux, MD, PHD


Biochemistry-Hormonology Laboratory, Inserm U676, Robert Debré Hospital, Paris France


Head of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory in Endocrine Disorders, Head of the research team "Genetics and Physiology of Pubertal Onset" in Inserm Unit 676, Paris Diderot University


Clinician, Clinical Investigator, Basic Scientist, Geneticist

Research Interests

Dr. Nicolas de Roux is a molecular geneticien and basic researcher in the neuroendocrine control of the gonadotropic axis. His clinical group studies the genetic determinism of pubertal onset disorders by systematic screening of candidate genes, genome mapping and exome analysis. As researcher, Nicolas de Roux investigates molecular mechanisms of pubertal disorders and develops new experimental approaches to understand the neuroendocrine control of pubertal onset.

Clinical Expertise

His hospital duty, covers the spectrum of molecular genetics of Endocrine disorders and Hormonology.

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