Ken K. Ong, FRCPCH, PhD


MRC Epidemiology Unit & Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge, United Kingdom


MRC Group Leader & Paediatric Endocrinologist


Clinician, Clinical Investigator

Research Interests

Ken Ong leads the Child Growth and Development group at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge. His research has identified trajectories of childhood growth, weight gain and pubertal timing as determinants of obesity and related disease, and aims to understand the genetic, epigenetic and endocrine mechanisms that underlie these links. He is a lead investigator in the international Reprogen consortium on genome-wide association studies for age at menarche.

Clinical Expertise

As well as his research work, Ken is a consultant paediatric endocrinologist and clinical lead for childhood obesity at Cambridge University Hospitals (Addenbrooke's Hospital), which is a UK regional centre for paediatric endocrinology.


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