Neil Smith BSc, PgD


Patient Advocate

Neil is a Kallmann syndrome patient, having been diagnosed at the age of 23. He is a Biomedical Scientist, working in blood transfusion laboratories in the UK.

Neil is active on on-line forums for Kallmann syndrome and other patients with hypogonadism, mainly on Facebook but also occasionally on Yahoo. He spends some of his free time talking to fellow patients on line and occasionally meeting them in person. He also organises patient meetings in the UK. Along with his fellow patient advocates he has built up a good relationship with Kallmann Syndrome medical experts and ensures that the on-line patient groups are kept up to date with any new developments in diagnosis or treatment.

Neil has developed a contact list of patients in various countries around the world and introduces new patients to other patients in that country so they can contact each other. Throughout his own experiences with various treatments and through talking to other patients Neil tries to ensure fellow patients are aware about their condition and currently available treatments. Along with the other patient advocates he help patients understand more about their condition and know what questions to ask their doctors. Neil is very keen to help patients communicate with fellow patients and is always happy to hear from new patients.

Neil, along with the other patient advocates, is keen that patients are able to be diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity to help minimise the potential psychological problems that GnRH deficient conditions can bring to some patients.



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