PREIKSA Romualdas Tomas

 Romualdas Tomas Preiksa, MD, PhD


Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS), Kaunas, Lithuania


Senior Researcher, Institute of Endocrinology; Lecturer of Clinical Endocrinology and Paediatric Endocrinology, Division of Paediatric Endocrinology


Clinician, Clinical Investigator

Research Interests

Dr Preiksa is a researcher of human reproduction, especially focused on endocrine control of testicular descent and disorders of sexual differentiation. His research and investigative projects include: 1) cryptorchidism rate and factors influencing spontaneous descent of the testes, and 2) studying the role of vitamin D as a link between reproduction and psychology. Dr. Preiksa's work has been published Human Reproduction and other scientific journals.

Clinical Expertise

His clinical practice covers the disorders of growth and puberty, including male hypogonadism, Turner syndrome and obesity.


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