Mehul Dattani, MBBS, DCH, FRCPCH, FRCP, MD


UCL Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children/ UCL Hospitals; Developmental Endocrinology Research Group; Clinical and Molecular Genetics Unit


GOSHCC Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology; Clinical and Academic Lead in Paediatric Endocrinology


Clinical Investigator

Research Interests

The main interests of Professor Dattani's research team are: 1) Understanding the molecular and genetic basis of disorders of pituitary development, with a view to understanding the phenotype of patients presenting with congenital hypopituitarism associated and hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism with midline defects; 2. Pathogenesis and molecular basis of hypothamamo-pituitary tumours. We have created a mouse model of a rare but devastating childhood tumour, adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma (ACP), by inducing over-activation of the Wnt signalling pathway. The aim is to identify biomarkers of the tumour, and to design novel therapies for this condition. 3. Clinical phenotypes of SOD, Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency (CPHD) and Isolated Growth Hormone Deficiency (IGHD). Professor Dattani looks after a large cohort of patients with these disorders and is currently defining various aspects of the phenotype. 4. Evaluation of the aetiology and pathogenesis of rare endocrine conditions.

Clinical Expertise

Professor Dattani leads a busy clinical service in Endocrinology, and looks after children with a range of endocrine disorders including congenital hypopituitarism, SOD, IGHD, disorders of adrenal development, disorders of sex development, thyroid disorders, disorders of puberty (precocious and delayed puberty), and rare endocrine disorders such as insulin resistance. His clinical practice is based at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and at University College London Hospitals.


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