Pre Antje Horsch

Pre Dre Antje Horsch
Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor
Institute of Higher Education and Research in Healthcare, University of Lausanne & Department woman-mother-child, University of Lausanne

Research interests
Her research focuses on the impact of stress and trauma in the perinatal period on parental and infant (mental) health with the following objectives:
- Increase the understanding of the psychosocial and neurophysiological mechanisms linked to stress and trauma that underlie the development of perinatal mental health problems
- Increase the understanding regarding the interplay between parental mental health and the development of the infant (intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma)
- Develop effective and evidence-based early interventions to help prevent or combat perinatal mental health problems and their negative impact on the infant.

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Prof. Horsch received her M.Sc. from the Humboldt University Berlin (Germany) following a graduate scholarship at the University of Toronto (Canada). She completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Oxford (UK) in 2004. Before her move to Switzerland in 2012, she held a part-time academic post as lecturer at the University of Oxford, and a part-time clinical post as highly specialist clinical psychologist in the Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service in Reading (UK). In 2016, she completed her habilitation (PrivatDocent) at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne. She was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Higher Education and Research in Healthcare, University of Lausanne, in 2017, and nominated as Associate Professor in 2021.


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