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Prof. Dr med. Jardena J. Puder
Endocrinologist - diabetologist at the Woman-mother-child Department at the CHUV and Associate Professor at the University of Lausanne
Head of the diabetes and pregnancy/gestational diabetes consultation
Deputy physician, specialist in the management of diabetes
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Prof. Antje Horsch
Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor
Institute of Higher Education and Research in Healthcare, University of Lausanne & Department Woman-mother-child, Lausanne University Hospital
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Dr. Dan Quansah
Research Scientist, Public health scientist and clinical epidemiologist
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Dr. Leah Gilbert
Postdoctoral scientific collaborator, psychologist
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Dr. Amar Arhab
Postdoctoral scientific collaborator, physical activity and health specialist
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Olivier le Dizès
Clinical nurse specialist in Diabetes

Justine Gross
Registered dietitian

Magali Andrey
Registered dietitian

Sybille Schenk
Registered dietitian

Julie Mareschal
Registered dietitian

Sylvie Umwali
Medical assistant

Sandrine Estoppey Younes
Research collaborator

Dr. med. Antonella Corcillo Vionnet
Head Clinician, Endocrinology and Diabetes

Dr. med. Christophe Kosinski
Head Clinician, Endocrinology and Diabetes

Dr. med. Maria-Christina Antoniou
Head Clinician, Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Isabelle Cohen-Salmon
Secretarial assistance

Dr. med. Tinh-Hai Collet
Physician Endocrinology and Diabetes, interested in circadian rhythms, nutritional and sleep rhythms, especially in subjects with metabolic diseases

Prof. Charna Dibner
Research collaborator focusing on the impact of circadian clocks on cell metabolism and cell cycle in the context of physiology, metabolic diseases and cancer"
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Alain Lacroix
Statistician and database manager

Anna Lesniara-Stachon
MD-PhD candidate, physician

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