Wearables and IoT Biomarkers

2.Innovative biomarkers and wearable devices in clinical neuroscience

NeuroDigital primary area of applied research focuses on epilepsy and more specifically, seizure detection and the prevention of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients (SUDEP). More specifically, NeuroDigital aims at improving the current state of seizure detection and forecasting using wearable devices, as well as the evaluation of the risk of SUDEP using various sources of data from video-EEG, ECG, wrist sensors and neuroimaging. Part of our research aims at deepening our understanding of the central regulation of the autonomic system and its dysfunction in epilepsy, using all above data as well as intracerebral EEG recording. The MIP, HIP and RADAR-CNS platforms are being used to achieve these goals.



NeuroDigital wearable-based research extends to the field of migraine, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and neurorehabilitation, in collaboration with other research groups from Neurotech and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. This research encompasses several scientific objectives, including the objective characterization of: 1) the prodromal phase of migraine, with the view to enable acute preventive treatment of migraine attack, 2) fatigue across neurological disorders, with the aim to better diagnose and manage this debilitating symptom, and 3) neurological deficit and its recovery, to facilitate ambulatory and robot-driven neurorehabilitation.


Experts & collaborators

  • Prof. Christoph Baumgarnter, Sigmund Freud Private University (SFU, Austria)
  • Prof. David Atienza Alonso, Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Georgia Ramantani, University of Zurich (UZH, Switzerland)
  • Joao Ferreira, Samotics (Netherlands)
  • Prof. Luca Benini, Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ, Switzerland)
  • Lukas Imbach, Klinik Lengg AG (Switzerland)
  • Mehrdad Seirafi, Alpha Brain (Netherlands)
  • Prof. Orrin Devinsky, New York University Langone Health (NYU Langone Health, USA)
  • Prof. Pascal Frossard, Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Samden Lhatoo, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTH Health Houston, USA)
  • Prof. Sandor Beniczky, Aarhus University (AU, Denmark)
  • Prof. Sylvain Rheims, Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 (UCBL, France)


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