Dr Andreas Hottinger

Clinical research

The unit’s physicians are also internationally recognised clinical researchers. They are actively involved in developing new strategies to treat patients who suffer from brain tumours. Our patients therefore have access to the most recent treatments and can participate in clinical studies. To date, 30 clinical studies for patients suffering from brain tumours have been carried out in the unit.

Experimental research

The Neuro-oncology unit works in close collaboration with the Laboratory of tumor biology and genetics (head: Prof. Monika Hegi) and with Prof. Doug Hanahan’s team (EPFL) to analyse and understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the formation of brain tumours.


In clinical research, ties have been established with numerous Swiss institutions (Universities of Geneva and Zurich, EPFL, SAKK, the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research) as well as international institutions (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).




Dr Andreas Hottinger
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