Pr Patrik Michel, Pr Lorenz Hirt

Pr Patrik Michel leads the team of clinical cerebrovascular researchers of the Lausanne University Hospital. His “Acute Stroke Registry and Analysis of Lausanne, ASTRAL”, with over 4'500 patients, analyses of different aspects of stroke, particularly clinico-radiological correlations, acute treatments and prognosis.

He participates with his research team in multiple clinical trials for prevention, acute treatment and stroke recovery and contributes to several international cerebrovascular registers



Pr Lorenz Hirt is head of the neurosonology lab, whose clinical research deals with analysing arterial plaque and carotid artery stenosis. He also runs an experimental cerebrovascular lab, which studies cell death and post-stroke neuroprotection with the help of in vivo and in vitro models. The lab also collaborates with the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM), the Department of Cellular Biology and Morphology (DBCM), EPFL, the University of Loma Linda (California), and the University of Bern.

The lab is financed by the Swiss National Fund, the Cardiology Foundation, the Novartis Foundation and the Biaggi Foundation.



Dr Patrik Michel
Prof. Lorenz Hirt
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