Florian Perrin

PhD Student




Florian holds a Master's degree in Cognitive Science from Lyon's Université Lumière. Interested in the big question of consciousness and curious about altered states of consciousness, he completed his master's thesis on the effect of mindfulness meditation on parental burn-out, supervised by Rebecca Shankland of Grenoble University. At the same time, he studied dreams at the Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CRNL) under the supervision of Perrine Ruby.

He joined the Neurotech team in February 2023 and began his PhD under the supervision of Philippe Ryvlin and Marzia de Lucia in September, with the aim of studying consciousness at its core. More specifically, his project aims to study body-brain interaction using intracerebral EEG data, and to investigate the interactions of the autonomic nervous system with different states of consciousness.

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