Stefano Carda

NeuroRehab Research Center



After completing his medical and specialist training in Italy, as well as a research doctorate in neurorehabilitation, Dr Stefano Carda joined the Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Department at CHUV in 2011. He obtained his title of Privat Docent and MER at the University of Lausanne in 2019.

His areas of interest are the rehabilitation of motor disorders in patients with brain injuries. He is also a member of the leading international interest groups in the assessment and treatment of spasticity (ToxNet, GRENOG), a field in which he has extensive experience.

A trainer for the European Board of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, he is also in charge of neurological rehabilitation training for the ISFM at the CHUV. 

Currently an assistant physician, he is responsible for the neurorehabilitation hospitalisation service at the CHUV, co-directs the cantonal orientation platform for neurorehabilitation and is in charge of the spasticity, neuromuscular disease and multiple sclerosis rehabilitation consultation. 

Member of :
European Board of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (EBPRM)
Swiss Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (SSPRM)
International Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (ISPMR)
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation (SGNR)

Selected Publications

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