Laboratory of neurotherapies and neuromodulation

The Laboratory of neurotherapies and neuromodulation (LNTM) opened in September 2011 ; the activities of the three principal investigators are focusing on the development and validation of innovative neurotherapies and neuromodulation strategies.

Research areas

Prof. Nicole Déglon

  • Identify therapeutic targets and develop molecular therapies for Huntington's disease (HTT lowering and gene editing)
  • Investigate the mechanisms leading to the selective death of neuronal subpopulations
  • Study the spreading of Tau protein in sporadic tauopathies
  • Investigate the contribution of astrocytes and mitochondrial dysfunctions in tauopathies

Prof. Jocelyne Bloch

  • Study brain and spinal cord interface and stimulation
  • Develop autologous cell transplantation for stroke, Parkinson's disease and Spinal cord injury,

Dre Liliane Tenenbaum

  • Modulation of neuroinflammation
  • Development of drug-inducible gene therapy of Parkinson's disease


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