Antoine Spahr

Data scientist




Antoine is a dedicated professional who graduated from EPFL with a degree in Life Science Engineering in 2021. Throughout his Master's program, he demonstrated a strong commitment to the field of data science, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence algorithms in medical imagery. During his academic journey, Antoine specialized in developing and implementing cutting-edge AI algorithms within the context of medical imaging. He developed a deep understanding of self-supervised learning techniques, allowing him to create label-efficient algorithms that show promise in the medical field. In March 2022, Antoine brought his expertise to the CHUV at Neurotech, where he assumed the role of data scientist. In this capacity, he applies his AI knowledge to the development of robust algorithms designed to detect epileptic seizures using non-invasive wearables data. . If you can’t find him in the office, he’s most likely in the Alps, skiing, climbing or mountaineering.

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