Adriano Bernini

Clinical project manager




Adriano Bernini received his MSc in Medical Biology from UNIL in 2017 working in structural MRI focusing in human brain changes following complete spinal cord injury under the supervision of Prof. Bogdan Draganski (LREN – CHUV). The same year, he joined the Neurocritical Care Group led by Prof Mauro Oddo (SMIA – CHUV) for his PhD, where he gained expertise in clinical neuroscience in particular in brain metabolism and ketone metabolism at the acute phase following brain injury in human and obtained his PhD from the LNDS (UNIL) in 2022. While finalizing his PhD, he pursued his academic carrier and joined the NeuroDigital@NeuroTech group (LETC/DNC – CHUV) as a Post-Doc and clinical study manager. His current research domain includes epilepsy disease together with the use of connected wearable devices to develop seizures detection algorithms.

Selected publications


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