Birgit Schaffhauser

Manager Coordinator




Team Coordinator and Senior Project Manager with broad international experience in coordinating large collaborations, consortia, new scientific initiatives.

PhD in Biology from Vienna University (PhD-Thesis: Part I: Transgenic Expression of the Angiogenesis Inhibitor Endostatin During β Cell Tumorigenesis; Part II: The Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Signalling); Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Christofori

Since 2005 involved in Scientific Project Management, in various positions and countries (Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland)

Former projects:

  • Research Development Officer at Newcastle University, UK (2007-2010)
  • Head of Administration of the Excellence Cluster "Origin and Structure of the Universe" at the TUM, Germany (2010-2016)
  • Project Manager and Head of the Human Brain Project (HBP) Project Coordination Section, EPFL, Switzerland (2017-2020)

Joined the research group of Prof. Philippe Ryvlin in September 2020 for the coordination of his research team. Specific focus was the coordination of the Medical Data Analytics Services with the Medical Informatics Platform – MIP, and the Human Intracerebral EEG Platform – HIP, of the Human Brain Project (HBP ended in September 2023). She will continue coordinating activities around the MIP and the HIP and is involved in several other projects in Prof. Ryvlin`s group, highlighting IMI EPND , eCREAM or Neurosense


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